Despite unseasonably cold weather, Echosmith warmed up fans at the “Ski Chalet” at Warner Brothers Records in Burbank this past Tuesday evening with an intimate acoustic performance of some of their most popular songs. It was one of the most personal shows I’ve experienced in LA, full of friendship and holiday cheer. Check out the full performance in the player below and read on for my in-person experience.

After depositing canned goods in donation boxes outside for admission, one hundred fans and press filled the lobby of Warner Brothers Records. Echosmith got up close and personal with fans, opening with their cover of “I Heard The Bells on Christmas Day,” which is currently available as a free download.


The Sierto siblings performed their popular songs as Jamie used an acoustic to bring the group’s dreamy indie-pop to life while Noah plucked an upright bass. Adding in the pint-sized, tambourine-shaking frontwoman Sydney, the group’s velvety harmonies warmed me up almost as much as the complimentary hot chocolate. Highlights of the set were songs off Echosmith’s debut album, Talking Dreams, including “Cool Kids,” “Come Together,” and “Tell Her You Love Her.”


After the set, Echosmith took pictures with fans, Instagramming and nibbling on cupcakes until the last concertgoer left. These siblings have had a relentless touring schedule (first with Warped Tour and then supporting Tonight Alive in the fall), so to see them still enthusiastically greeting fans and signing endless merchandise certainly got me in the Christmas spirit. Here’s hoping Echosmith has a restful holiday so they’re ready for what will certainly be a busy 2014.



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