It was a mind/body/soul-numbing 30°F out when I dashed into the ultra-hip Sound Nightclub, partly to seek refuge from the freakish chill, but mostly so I could witness the legendary Dewaele brothers delivering what would almost undoubtedly be a fantastic night of tunes.

The last time 2manydjs graced LA with their presence was at Hard Haunted Mansion two years prior, during which they threw down a set that easily made my list of the top five of 2011, so despite their having a midnight start time on a school night, I was eager to witness their greatness yet again. 8AM workdays be damned!

I warmed myself up with the smooth sounds of Rory Phillips’ opening set while scoping out the venue. Industrial accents set against an audience that, by Hollywood nightclub standards, seemed comparatively less “stick up my ass” than the Lure or Drai’s crowd? I’ll take it!


The frenetic cheering from the crowd around midnight heralded the coming of 2manydjs, who took the stage in dapper suits. From there they deftly proceeded to work their genre-mashing magic. Although “Girls” by the Beastie Boys, “Giorgio By Moroder” by Daft Punk, “Elephant” by Tame Impala, and “The Bay” by Metronomy may sound jarringly dissimilar as individual tracks, the Dewaele brothers managed to magically string them together cohesively without fail. They are the embodiment of what DJs ought to be.

The crowd responded to the wide berth of songs in the form of unbridled enthusiasm that lasted the full two hours that 2manydjs commanded the decks. A reworked version of Nirvana’s “Breed”” signified the end of an incredibly diverse set and marked the starting point for my now-sweaty body’s markedly more frigid journey back to the car. Was it worth it? Hell yes.


Although a two-year wait can undoubtedly lead to unachievably high expectations, 2manydjs deftly fulfilled mine. They have cemented their status as a must-see act, and I look forward to catching their next set. Given that 2manydjs will be throwing down a rare live set for Ultra Music Festival 2014 in Miami and given the amount of spillover between UMF and a certain California festival this April, there’s a decent chance my opportunity to do so will come sooner rather than later. One can only hope.

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