People seem to either have no clue who Brand New is or are completely obsessed with them. I happen to be a member of the latter category.

Back in the early-2000s you might remember a particularly depressing video from a screamo band where there is a car crash and an overdramatic ambulance ride. No? Just me? Well, A) You suck, and B) You’ve been missing out on some of the best songwriting and lyrical depth of the past decade.

Long Island’s Brand New enjoyed mild commercial success with their first two albums and then seemed to drop out of the limelight, but their rabid fan base refuses to let go, and rightfully so. The boys in Brand New have played their cards impeccably. When they decide to play them, that is.

Brand New’s interaction with fans is sparse. With Facebook as their main news outlet, they only post an average of about once per month, keeping everyone waiting for the moment when they say something like “Shows on the West Coast. They go on sale tomorrow at 12pm.” And that’s it.

They did a similar post recently with a bit more information. The plan is to play two shows on each coast, performing two of their four albums in full each night. Lucky for us, those two West Coast shows are at The Observatory in Santa Ana. Not so lucky for us, those two shows broke the record for the fastest sell out in Ticketfly history…2 seconds.

If you didn’t get tickets for that, they also announced a third show at The Troubadour about 2 hours before those tickets went on sale. Also sold out, but if you have any way of getting into any of these shows, do it. Don’t make the mistake of brushing Brand New off as “another early-2000s screamo band” because you’d be missing out on something deep, cathartic, and kind of brilliant.

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