2011’s Hard Haunted Mansion marked the last time Belgian brothers David and Stephen Dewaele (aka 2manydjs) rolled through our fair city. This, by extension, means I’ve been wistfully yearning for their return for a little over two years now.

Not only were they easily the highlight of the night, they were one of my top five sets of 2011. Their performance, riddled with deftly remixed tracks from The Chemical Brothers, Metronomy, Motorhead, and Beethoven to name a few, has retained a very prominent spot in my heart. Filthy beats, flawless transitions, freaking phenomenal track variety…what’s not to love?

All this to say I’m very happy the duo is returning to LA! Tickets to the 2manydjs’ set this Thursday at Sound Nightclub are still on sale, so don’t miss out on your chance to get down and dirty with them on a school night. It could very well be the last chance you get for another couple years.

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