It seems Burial has no time for end-of-year lists, traditional release schedules, or fulfilling his fans’ expectations of an album-length follow-up to his seminal genre classic Untrue. We have now passed the six-year mark since that album’s release, but Burial seems to be sticking pretty rigidly to doing his own thing, with a smattering of half-hour-long super EPs to show for his efforts over the last few years. Still, when those EPs are as good as the likes of Kindred, it’s difficult to grumble.


Now in a repeat of last year’s December treat, Burial has announced the release of another new EP on a short leadtime. The announcement was made just a couple of weeks ago, but as of this week, the Rival Dealer EP will be available for public consumption via Hyperdub. It’s already available to download, and this week sees its physical vinyl release.

Rival Dealer is a return to the half-hour, three-song EP format of Kindred, and since it was put online to stream, fans have noted a marked stylistic difference in Burial’s approach. Once again it comes without fanfare or any press release from the man himself (who has done a remarkable job of maintaining his anonymity since revealing his identity with little fuss), so all we have to go off is the music itself. There’s a sample below with the EPs title track. Spoiler alert: it’s amazing.

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