You’d probably be forgiven for thinking that Disclosure is the only sibling act from the UK doing the whole bass music thing. You’d be wrong, though, because Bondax has been busy producing jams as well. As though we needed more proof that the UK is killing it right now.

Funnily enough, “Fires” is the title of their new single. It’s slow jam, which is an interesting departure from their normally bouncy, party-ready tracks (“Gold” and “Baby I Got That”). Here’s how I see it: The era of the Keith Sweat, grindy, slow jam is over, but people still want to groove without getting turnt up. Bondax, more than any other musician to my knowledge, is bringing that same kind of funk into modernity.

“Fires” is a remedy for the over-twerked masses. It’s a salve for those burnt out on bangers. It’s…well, you get the idea. Check it out below.

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