After recently enjoying a listen through Welsh born singer/songwriter-turned-LA resident Cate Le Bon’s latest album, Mug Museum, I found her sound to be quite ethereal, and I think you might enjoy it, too. Her lilting voice and melodic sounds are quite intoxicating, and they became even more so when I learned she writes her songs in the dark. This probably explains some of the haunting lyrics as well.

Le Bon’s third album remains consistent with the two other albums under her belt (Me Oh My and Cyrk) while still showcasing her evolved sound. The songs were inspired by her grandmother’s death, and I really appreciated the depth of emotion throughout.

Cate’s first solo tour was back in 2007, and she’s made great strides since then. If you’d like to check her out live, she’ll be playing at the Bootleg Bar in Los Angeles on December 14th, and tickets are a mere $10.

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