Seeing as albums by the Haxan Cloak and Forest Swords both landed fairly near the summit of my personal favorite albums of the year list (check out Excavation and Engravings if you have an ear for unique electronica) and after Holy Other’s excellent album last year, it made sense to compile a playlist for the label that all of these acts share, the excellent Tri-Angle Records.

The label has a small but remarkably impressive roster of innovative producers and musicians who have nothing in common but a desire to create forward-thinking sounds and stay ahead of the curve. This playlist was as much a discovery for me as it will be for you, but check out this sample of the label’s talents from the last few years.

Play This Playlist: Tri-Angle Records Tracklist:

01. Alunageorge – “You Know You Like It”
02. Forest Swords – “Thor’s Stone”
03. Balam Acab – “Expect”
04. Evian Christ – “MYD”
05. Holy Other – “Love Some1”
06. Howse – “VBS”
07. oOoOO – “Hearts”
08. Clams Casino – “Waterfalls”
09. Vessel – “Stillborn Dub”
10. The Haxan Cloak – “Raven’s Lament”