This might be a little confusing, but Diane Coffee is not a hipster barista-turned-singer. It is actually the moniker of the latest side project from Foxygen’s Shaun Fleming. A few months back I heard Foxygen interviewed on the radio, and Fleming mentioned how he had dozens of songs waiting to be recorded. Now we know what he did with them.

Diane Coffee sounds like Foxygen covering Leslie Grace’s “Be My Baby.” I’m not a huge fan of Foxygen, but I’m a sucker for good throwback soul. The video for the song “Green” is youthful and nostalgic. A group of kids causing trouble while skating around town and chasing girls. Classic with a modern context, it represents the song perfectly. Check out the video.

The debut Diane Coffee album, My Friend Fish, is in stores now. Fleming is touring in support of the effort and will be bringng Diane Coffee to The Echo on November 7th. It will be awesome. Go. Do it.

Diane Coffee Tour Dates:

Nov 2 – Austin, TX • Red 7 w/ Those Darlins
Nov 5 – Phoenix, AZ • the Rhythm Room w/ Those Darlins
Nov 6 – San Diego, CA • The Void w/ Those Darlins
Nov 7 – Los Angeles, CA • the Echo w/ Those Darlins
Nov 8 – Santa Ana, CA • the Constellation Room w/ Those Darlins
Nov 9 – Santa Barbara, CA • Muddy Waters
Nov 13 – San Francisco, CA • the Chapel w/ Those Darlins
Nov 15 – Seattle, WA • Barboza w/ Those Darlins
Nov 16 – Portland, OR • Bunk Bar w/ Those Darlins
Nov 19 – Denver, CO • Hi-Dive w/ Those Darlins
Nov 21 – Kansas City, MO • the Record Bar w/ Those Darlins
Nov 22 – Carbondale, IL • Hangar 9 w/ Those Darlins
Nov 23 – Louisville, KY • the Zanzabar w/ Those Darlins
Jan 15 – Chicago, IL • Schubas Tavern

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