If you check out LA Music Blog on a regular or even semi-regular basis, you have probably seen an article or four about one of my current favorite LA based bands, The Vim Dicta. If not, then now is the perfect time for you to start paying attention to this band because tomorrow night at The Viper Room is the official record release show for their new EP, Von Tango, which was digitally released on October 22nd.

The Vim Dicta Von Tango

Right out of the gate, the first track on the EP, the appropriately titled “Point Blank,” shows what this trio is capable of. The track starts with classic jazz-influenced drums followed by a funk bass line that is the cornerstone of the song, which is brought together by an off-time guitar riff and Cori Elliott’s haunting vocals. While listening to this first track alone, it is hard to grasp that all of this sound is produced by just three people. The album picks up the pace a bit for the following track, “Name of the Game,” which ebbs and flows from chaotic riffs to what can only be described as psychogroove jam sessions in the middle of the song.

The next track, “Stallion,” which we have posted a live video of on the site before, is still a personal favorite as you get a mix of all the previously mentioned elements with an even heavier layering of vocals by Cori and Matt Tunney. Midway through, “Stallion” breaks down to a slower pace that showcases Matt’s talent as a singer on top of his guitar skills. The track then builds back up to the driving force that you should at this point expect from The Vim Dicta.

While “Stallion” is a personal favorite, the last two tracks on the EP are quickly growing on me as I think their seemingly random yet perfectly placed time signatures really capture the essence of this band and what they strive to accomplish. As any title track should, “Von Tango” reveals a little more flair than some of the other tracks on the EP and flows so seamlessly into the final track, “Teaspoon,” that on first listen I didn’t even realize one track had ended and another begun. Just another example of this group’s ability to craft an album and not just assemble a group of songs.

As I mentioned above, The Vim Dicta officially releases Von Tango tomorrow, and while you can currently buy it through the typical online vendors such as iTunes, if you’re like me and enjoy owning physical copies of your music, you will want to get out to their record release show tomorrow at The Viper Room at 10pm. Still not sure you want to go? Check out the EP on Spotify and get convinced.

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