Clearside is the rocktronica brainchild of Detroit-born, Atwater Village-based Bryan Dych. If you don’t know Clearside by name, don’t worry — you probably know him by sound. Out of his Eastside enclave, Dych released his 2012 self-titled EP, the songs of which proliferated across the prime-time airwaves on shows such as Revenge, How I Met Your Mother, and The Mindy Project.

Clearside combines the subversive rock underpinnings of Nine Inch Nails and the emotive, electro-lullaby sensibilities of Massive Attack. And with his first taste of commercial and critical success, Clearside isn’t resting on his laurels. Rather, he’s got his sights set on the future, as last week marked the release of his newest single, “Pulse,” off his upcoming EP, Light Vision, out December 10th.

Clearside - Pulse (Single Cover Art)

It is on “Pulse” where his Massive Attack influences are more clearly at work. Clearside’s typically overt edge has gone for a walk on the wild side and returned as a refined, evocative dreamscape. Built upon textures of sound that crawl and claw, the palpable sensuality of “Pulse” is additionally bolstered by the soulful vocals of Leigh Jones.

Dych himself calls the new EP “dark, sultry, soulful, yet strangely human.” Humanity achieved through emotional resonance. In addition to guest vocals from Leigh Jones, Light Vision also features Brian H. Kim, acclaimed composer and vocalist who recently performed with Adele at the 2013 Academy Awards.

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