The cast and crew of Saturday Night Live are taking a much needed hiatus from space jokes and general humorous performing this week. With Saturday night plans completely shot — because who really goes out on Saturday nights anymore? — Internet videos suffice to fill the void, specifically videos starring SNL comedian Vanessa Bayer playing a Bravo Television-inspired cocky music media coach.

YouTube Channel Above Average — a comedy network in conjunction with Broadway Video, the entertainment company that brought us Saturday Night Live, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, and 30 Rock — has created a new fictional short series called Sound Advice. This channel features ridiculous media coach Janessa and her need to help musicians in need of helping.

Bayer has already gathered a wide net of musical victims for the show, including Grammy-award winning trio fun., pop band The Wanted, and musical duo Aimee Mann and Ted Leo of the band The Both. Though humorous and loosely scripted, Bayer takes apart each band in a way that we all do behind closed doors. We’re all thinking it; she just has the internet bandwidth — and the witty eloquence — to say it.