I can’t get enough of female-fronted bands or female singer-songwriters, so imagine my pure joy when I found Haim, a trio of sisters who have a huge buzz surrounding their dreamy, harmony-driven indie pop music. Although these women are born and raised in the San Fernando Valley, the ladies of Haim exude a brand of city cool all their own, channeling seventies soft rock acts like Fleetwood Mac and singing layered, low-register vocals with subtle R&B influences. The result? A polished pop package I can’t take off repeat!


Haim’s debut album Days Are Gone was released a little more than a month ago and has already produced four singles and millions of YouTube views. My first taste of Haim’s classic rock with a modern twist style was their infectious single “The Wire”, but check out the empowering and memorizing video for “Don’t Save Me” below.

Sisters Este, Danielle, and Alana Haim (ranging in age from 21 to 27) are all multi-instrumentalists, capable of playing guitar, drums, or keyboards, and they have been performing together as a band for over seven years. The family band possesses a level of comfort and polish heads above most young groups, and the air-tight, ethereal harmonies created by the trio are another added bonus of familial ties.


The ladies of Haim are currently on a nationwide tour, recently performing a sold-out show at The Fonda, and they will soon be taking their performances abroad to the UK followed by a global trek in early 2014. Brush up on the trio’s dreamy indie pop until their next (guaranteed) sold-out hometown show!

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