I had the good fortune to be present for the taping of the LA Music Blogcast on TradioV LA last week in Hollywood. Since I was under strict orders not to leave my seat and not, under any circumstances, to touch anything, I was able to devote my full attention to musical guest WE ARE TWIN. And holy shit, are they good! I’m glad their name is in all capital letters already, because it deserves to be.

We Are Twin EP

If you happened to catch the Blogcast, you know just what I mean. WE ARE TWIN, the pop-synth-blues hybrid brainchild of instrumentalist/producer Nicolas Balachandran and singer/songwriter Gabi Christine, delivered a flawless performance in the studio with only a guitar, a drum box, and Gabi’s too-good-to-be-believed vocals. While the band’s website compares her voice to Amy Winehouse, Gabi reminds me more of Fiona Apple and Nelly Furtado — there’s a similar depth and timbre to her voice, compared with the rawness of Amy Winehouse or the polish of singers like Adele.

“The Way We Touch” is the single from the band’s recently released EP, and they played a lovely stripped-down version of it for us on the Blogcast. Of course, you should watch the whole kick-ass show, but if you’re nuts for this band already and want to skip straight to their performance, it begins around 45:20.

“Cold Stone Lips” was the second song they performed on the Blogcast, and I loved it — Gabi’s voice is truly sublime — but I think I like the studio version of this song even more. The production is so catchy, and if there were any doubt, that electric guitar really seals the deal for me.

Want more WE ARE TWIN? You can subscribe to the band’s YouTube channel, which features a full-length video for “The Way We Touch,” as well as lyric videos for the other songs featured on the EP, webisodes promoting the album, and the unplugged rooftop version of “Don’t Tell Your Parents,” which I conveniently included below for your viewing pleasure.

I’d highly recommend seeing them in the flesh, however, and whaddya know, the band hits the road in November for three West Coast dates, including a show with Foxes at the Troubadour on November 19th. Get tickets now, and you can find me singing “Cold Stone Lips” in the car until then.