Fast-rising drum and bass/dubstep star Sub Focus has been jetting around Europe promoting the hell out of his latest opus, Torus, with a tightly packed schedule through the end of November. This week, plans for his North American tour, set to begin in December, were announced via his Facebook page.

Sub Focus North American Tour Dates

Comprising a mere 11 shows, the Torus North American tour will be a deliciously rare treat for anyone lucky enough to live in a city that has the good fortune of being on “the list.” Unsurprisingly, our musically superior Los Angeles is one of the chosen 11 that will be hosting the British phenom when he shares the legendary House of Blues stage with compatriots Delta Heavy.

Blending in more traditional house elements to tone down the harder-hitting sound established in Sub Focus’ self-titled debut, Torus is an undeniably catchy yet not-quite-predictable collection of songs sure to set itself apart from its more one-dimensional house counterparts. Although I’m admittedly partial to the harder beats of his first album, I’m keen on seeing how Sub Focus pulls this together in a live setting as I imagine it’ll translate quite well. The fact that he melted my face off the first time I saw him at 2011’s EDC makes me all the more anxious.

The ticket link for the LA date has yet to surface, but make no mistake, this is a show the electroheads of Los Angeles will not want to be missing out on. Come ready to dance until you’re numb!