So much high-profile new music was released this week. Arctic Monkeys dropped AM. The Weeknd has a new record. Janelle Monáe, too, but you’ve probably heard about all those artists before. Here are a few that might have slipped under your radar if you don’t spend all your free time paying attention to music blogs.

SOHN – Lessons


Producer? Singer? I guess the reality with SOHN is that he does both, and quite well, I might add. His production is atmospheric, electronic…eerie. It sounds like a cool fog creeping across ground before daylight. I feel like SOHN has a lot in common with James Blake in terms of tone, but SOHN is much more melodic and musical compared to Blake’s minimalism. “Lessons” is a pounding march of a track with stabs of choral vocals throughout. Good stuff.

Drake – Hold On Kastle (Remix)


Full disclosure: I hate on Drake frequently. I’m not a fan of his rapping or his persona, but I’ve always been less annoyed when he starts to sing. Maybe that’s why I like Kastle’s remix so much. Kastle’s another Los Angeles-based producer that’s been making a lot of well regarded noise on Soundcloud ‘n such. He turns “Hold On” into a house track. Not electro, but pretty straight-cut, glitzy, runway-appropriate, clubby house.

Also, Drake makes an excellent house diva. Just sayin’.


DOJA Cat – Nunchucks / SO HIGH

The thing is, Doja’s got a great ear for beats and she can actually rap. She’s got a dope duality going on here. It’s weird. It’s like listening to A$AP Rocky and Erykah Badu in the same person. Honestly, the fact that she rapped over Com Truise at all is enough to make me look twice. I’m digging Doja.

Sonnymoon – Every Summer Night (M. Constant Remix)


Fun Fact: Sunnymoon’s vocalist, Anna Wise, had several credits on Kendrick Lamar’s debut album, Good Kid, m.A.A.d city. I really enjoy Anna’s voice, but Sonnymoon can be a little bit experimental. I felt their last EP was interesting, but kinda hit and miss. This remix is right up my alley, though. M.Constant’s beat has a definite jazzy, Bonobo-esque sound.