What a crazy adventure! Wrapping up the final week of my three-week tour with Lora G & Nikki Lunden was fun, hectic, productive, and surreal. At the end of week two, we played eight shows in seven days, one of which was a travel day, so we began this last week with some much needed rest.

I got to briefly play tourist while back in London, so finally getting the chance to take the tubes somewhere, I rode out to Whitechapel St. where Jack The Ripper committed his famously brutal murders and took the official Jack The Ripper Tour. Right after, I began one of the scariest 5-minute walks of my life to the subway, seeing almost no other living being the entire time.


After catching my breath, I made my way through a series of tube stations back to my favorite part of London, Camden Town. With no real direction, I stumbled upon Proud Camden, a historical and memorable venue. Formerly a horse stable and hospital, the venue was restored, keeping the stables as private rooms (fully equipped with stripper poles). It has the same sort of rock history and size of LA’s Troubadour.

I emailed several bookers and managed to land us a show there on what I thought was our last night in town. Nikki, our singer, also got us a show that night at the 12 Bar Club, which is where we played our first show in London.


So with three shows booked in two nights, we went out with a bang. We played at the George Tavern the first night. It went well and we were excited to see friends we’d made along the way show up for the show, including the bellhop and concierge from our hotel as well as the makeup girl from the pharmacy up the street.

The next day we played one of our best shows of the tour at Proud Camden to a good-sized crowd. I had a friend from Exosphere Radio, who knew me from another band I play with called Animal Games, come to Proud Camden. It’s amazing to meet someone you’ve only spoken to over Skype in person and to do so in such a strange and unfamiliar place. Music really does bring people together on so many levels.


When we got back to our hotel, we received a reply from an email sent out months before our tour. Our guitarist had requested for us to record at Abbey Road Studios. The email said we were set for recording in studio 2, where the Beatles recorded the majority of their music. Although we were supposed to be on a flight to Paris that day, I’d say it was worth the flight cancellation.


Walking into the studio provokes a feeling that isn’t easily described. The history, creativity, and passion that is soaked into the walls of that room is immeasurable. We learned that the day we tracked was the same day 40+ years ago that “I Am The Walrus” and “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” were recorded, so needless to say, I did my best to do the room justice. I played my heart out. It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience that most musicians will never get, so a big thanks to the Rock Gods on that one.


Rather than hustling as we had done for the previous two and a half weeks, we decided to enjoy ourselves on the last day on our trip before our return flight from Paris. I hopped on a tourist bus and gazed up at some of the most iconic Parisian sites. The Eiffel Tower, The Louvre, and Notre Dame Cathedral were some of the most incredible sites I have seen.



After staying up until 2am watching the 49ers on my computer, we woke up the next morning and made our way back to the States. It was an unforgettable trip, but I was so glad to get home. I’m jet-lagged, confused, and couldn’t be happier to get back to my crazy LA life.