In the over-saturated Los Angeles music market, it seems as though everything has been done. Musicians are well aware of this and must attempt to approach the ideas of the past from a modern angle. In 2009, Amanda Jones and Martin Lopez-Iu began to explore this concept with simple yet thoughtful songwriting and a fresh perspective on the wit and wonder of 1990s. The duo called themselves The Anti-Job.

The Anti-Job began when Amanda and Martin met in college in New York. Jones’ curious, insightful lyrics and Lopez-Iu’s ability to marry melody and innovative guitar sounds resulted in a sound reminiscent of the Pixies and PJ Harvey but with a modern, dreamy overtone. Backed by drummer Lee Harcourt’s playful and interesting rhythmic style, The Anti-Job has a sound that is unique and exploratory.

Album Cover - You're Not Real_official

After the release of their 2009 EP, We Are The Anti-Job, and their debut full-length, Bloom, in 2012, The Anti-Job garnered attention from KCRW DJs, including the influential Black Flag frontman Henry Rollins. Additional radio play and media attention got them on an East Coast tour. Since then, they have played with such buzz bands as FIDLAR and Kayo Dot.

October 11th, 2013 brings the release of their newest effort, You’re Not Real, a five-song EP featuring a range of sounds and emotions. It proves that The Anti-Job isn’t afraid to create a sound that differs from the norm while paying tribute to some influential and amazing artists. Their single “Miss You” is available for free download and can be heard below.

With this excitement and progress already under their belt, The Anti-Job will head to the CMJ Music Festival in New York the same week their EP is released. With a great live show and the songs to back it up, they are sure to create even more of a buzz there and here in LA. Keep an eye out for The Anti-Job.

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