Banks has been making quite a ruckus in the LA music scene recently. Not literally, of course; her sound is much too melancholy and soft to be considered anything approaching a ruckus. She has earned a lot of attention, though, with tracks produced by Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs and SOHN. She’s even gotten some solid radio play on KCRW, and for good reason: she makes good and interesting R&B.

Banks’ latest video is a black-and-white trip through lights, ash, and, probably, love. Fans of new R&B artists like the Weeknd, whom Banks is opening for next month at the Greek, would do well to give the young artist a chance. Their music pairs well. Whereas the Weeknd writes arias for slizzard, irresponsible, uh… weekends, Banks brings a voice of reason and regret. In the “Waiting Game,” her production is a moody and cool as her persona.

Catch Banks and the Weeknd live in Los Angeles September 16th and 17th at the Greek Theatre.

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