Palma Violets are at the forefront of the new generation of rock coming from the UK. After gracing the cover of NME with buzz queens Haim, the punk quartet went on to release their album 180 in March and take the NME award for “Best New Artist.” Their live performances are nothing short of explosive, and their show at the Echoplex last Tuesday night was no exception; the raucous group owned the stage like old pros despite their young age.

Dual singers give Palma Violets an extra layer of texture; moving from Sam to Chili, each frontman provides a wildly mature and nostalgic tone and feel. Their sound is similar to those of the forefathers of their genre, such as the Clash, but with a dash more damn-fun recklessness to create an epic live experience.


Encores are usually pretty exciting, and this one in particular included a waterworks element in the form of the band tossing their cups of water straight into the audience. I’m pretty sure most of it landed on my head and my camera, while the rest was distributed among the moshing crowd members in true rock form.

A subtle gem presented itself in the form of a surprise appearance from Warren Kinsella of the Canadian punk group Hot Nasties, which the band frequently covers in their live set, adding an extra bit of authenticity to their take on “Invasion of the Tribbles.”


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