Indie rock sensation Franz Ferdinand has been a fixture on the contemporary rock scene since the release of “Take Me Out,” the undeniable catchy single off their self-titled debut album. With next month marking the release of their fourth album, Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Actions, everyone’s favorite Scottish rockers paid the City of Angels a visit with their new album and guitars in tow. Their venue of choice for this listening party and special set? The intimate Echoplex.

Unsurprisingly, getting into this show was no easy task. Instead of tickets, you had to either pre-order the upcoming album at either Origami Vinyl or Fingerprints OR take your chances on the absurdly limited e-mail RSVP that was to open soon afterward.

Franz Ferdinand

With the backdrop of the Franz Ferdinand drum kit and periodic wafts of smoke on stage, the album began to play. Although sporting a relatively short run time of less than 40 minutes, Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Actions is a downright fun, catchy album that delves deeper into the realms of dance-rock as its predecessor, Tonight: Franz Ferdinand, did.

Soon after the album finished playing, an emcee rushed on stage to introduce the “spawns of satan,” upon which the band took the stage. Opening with the lead track off of the new album, “Right Action,” they immediately commanded the room and proceeded to play a setlist comprised mostly of newer tracks, including the groovy “Evil Eye” and the quirky “Fresh Strawberries.”

Fans of Franz Ferdinand’s self-titled debut were also treated to lively renditions of the band’s classic tracks, my favorites of which were “The Dark Of The Matinée” and “Michael.” I undoubtedly would have enjoyed “Take Me Out” more were it not for the unruly crowd pusher in the red shirt who barreled his way to the front for this one song and proceeded to jump indiscriminately on everyone’s toes.

Although there wasn’t much representation from their second and third albums, Franz Ferdinand did make a point of dropping “Ulysses” and “Walk Away,” the latter of which proved to be a true highlight of the set despite being markedly downtempo in comparison.

Franz Ferdinand

Throughout the set, Franz Ferdinand was effortlessly lively and looked as though they were truly enjoying themselves on stage. They delivered each song with a certain easy swagger mixed with passionate intensity. Although they graced the stage for less than an hour, they were unquestionably on point.

All in all, Franz Ferdinand delivered an experience that huge fans of the band would find to be undeniably memorable. It’s a treat to see a band of their clout performing at a venue as intimate as the Echoplex; I hope this time is not the last.

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