Kwes promo shot

When I made my Warp Records Youtube playlist a couple of weeks back, one of the points I made is that apart from being home to some of electronic music’s most revered acts historically, it is also a label of continuing relevance on both sides of the Atlantic. SoCal residents Flying Lotus and Gonjasufi are amongst the additions to the roster in recent years, so it shouldn’t be such a surprise that Warp is now home to one of London’s brightest new talents in the shape of the enigmatic Kwes.


Having released a handful of singles and an earlier EP, Kwes really pricked the ears last year with his excellent EP Meantime, which closed with the gorgeously lush seven-minute love song “LGOYH.” That song has apparently been sampled by Kanye West for a track on the forthcoming Pusha T album, and indeed Kanye is not the only celebrity fan of the young producer and songwriter. He was picked out as a talent to watch by Matthew Herbert and has collaborated with Bobby Womack and Damon Albarn.

After that kind of build up of anticipation, the time is ripe for a debut album. Warp Records has announced the release of Kwes’s full-length debut, the mysteriously titled Ilp, which is due to drop in the US on October 15th. The album immediately jumps into my list of the most anticipated albums of the autumn months, and to whet your appetite, click below to listen to “36,” the first song made available for public consumption from the album.

Ilp Tracklist:

01. purplehands
02. 36
03. rollerblades
04. cablecar
05. flower
06. hives
07. broke
08. chagall
09. parakeet
10. b_shf_l

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