In one corner, you have Purity Ring, the Canadian duo that captured hearts and minds last year with their fine debut, Shrines, and its compelling accompanying live show. In the other corner, you have Jon Hopkins, the UK dance producer who has quietly released the wonderful Immunity, one of this year’s finest albums. If this sounds like a build-up to some kind of cage throwdown, or at least a Twitter spat, then apologies for misleading you. In fact, the two acts share a great deal of mutual affection, as proven previously by the Jon Hopkins remix of “Amenamy.”


Now Jon Hopkins has released a new version of his gorgeous album track “Breathe This Air,” featuring equally lush vocals by Purity Ring’s Megan James. The song will be released on a very limited edition 12″ single. So limited, in fact, that to get a copy of it you’ll have to arrive pretty early for one of the two very special shows the artists are performing together at The Fonda Theater this week (tomororow, August 27th, and Wednesday, August 28th). They will be giving away 175 copies each night on a first-come-first-served basis. So no lagging behind, please. This should be a pretty special show, and you don’t want to get there late.

Tickets are still available for both Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s performances.

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