We can thank Bath, UK for being the launching pad of rockers The Heavy. The Brit band brings you layers of grit paired with soft, building violin strings and wailing acoustics, and unfiltered electricity hammered on and off, pulled and pushed, then held to choir-like harmonies. Chances are you’ve heard The Heavy in a commercial or film as their music is the perfect soundtrack to both with its catchy hooks and horns. If you’d like to hear more than the snippets shared through these visual mediums, though, you’re in luck because we’re giving away TWO free pairs of tickets to The Heavy’s show with The Silent Comedy at The Fonda Theatre on August 8th!

If you’re familiar with LA Music Blog’s giveaways you already know that all you have to do to enter is to leave a comment below. Make sure you include an email address you check frequently so you’ll know if you’ve won! If you don’t want to take a chance, though, tickets are still available for purchase. Good luck!

For more information:

The Heavy’s Official Website
The Heavy’s Official Facebook