No, not the oversized rat who lures children into a lifelong pizza addiction. This Chuckie is the Dutch house DJ that lures adults into a lifelong EDM addiction. I can see how that might be confusing.

Ravers with an affinity for dirty, dirty house music know Chuckie for his bouncy melodies and shuffle-ready beats. “Let the Bass Kick” was a huge anthem a few years back. Since then, Chuckie has been busy touring, producing his Dirty Dutch Radio Show, and generally kicking ass.

He’s bringing along label mates Gregori Klosman and PRECEPT for a full-on dirty dutch assault. It’ll be a blast, if, you know, you’re into that kinda thing.

Look like fun? We’ve got TWO pairs of tickets here with no one’s names on them. Just drop a comment in the section below and you might find yourself new plans for August 16th. Tickets are also available for purchase, so there’s no excuse not to be there.

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