AFI has been quiet for the last few years, but with their latest cryptic activity online, it’s safe to assume that the punk rock band has something new up their pitch black sleeve.

The Bay Area natives have finally begun to stir the pot again with a series of vignettes shot in black and white and featuring the reoccurring theme of an eclipse. Other images include people in robes, the ocean, and even a scene alluding to drowning, which might be a reference to their 2000 release, The Art of Drowning.

With their recent signing to Republic Records for a worldwide deal, AFI must have something big in mind. Having seen them grow from local favorites in 1991 to international stars, I’m intrigued to see what their future holds. With a September release of their new album, there is plenty of time for speculation and excitement.

You can check out their video shorts at their website below. Don’t expect much info other than the month of release, but do expect a curious feeling that will make you go back and listen to their previous albums for the next week.

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