After a 45-minute late start and two middle of the road openers, the Roxy was off to a less-than-stellar start Wednesday night. Luckily the show had two redeeming factors: a wait-worthy headlining set from RED and a stand-out direct support effort from Hollywood alt-rockers Vattica.

The crowd was starting to reach that lag time between the initial excitement of arriving at a concert and boredom because the concert sucks…until Vattica stepped on stage. The hometown three-piece brought the Roxy back to life with a loud, energetic set that was also memorable in a good way.

Vattica’s big sound was matched by the pipes of vocalist/guitarist Alexandar Millar and the band’s infectious on-stage rapport was — for a lack of a better term — fun. Vattica was clever in their choice of antics, throwing in a rock ‘n roll cover of an Eminem track and a cameo from popular Hollywood frontman Thunderwood of 9Electric. Thunderwood collaborated with Vattica on vocals and produced the music video for band’s new single “Run, Baby” (available now on iTunes).

Originally scheduled for a 10:45PM start, the members of RED finally graced the Roxy with their presence at 11:30. The delayed start, according to the venue staff, was due to a late arrival for sound check and difficulty constructing the elaborate stage design. Despite the annoyingly late start time, there was little to fault with RED’s set. The Tennessee rock band had the packed venue floor stirring for the first time of the night, kicking off their portion of the show with “If We Only” and “Damage.”

Aside from the obvious singles “Breathe Into Me,” “Already Over,” and “Death of Me,” the highlight of RED’s set was the Joe Rickard drum solo. There are only so many tricks left in the drum solo schtick, but Rickard found a way to make his a stand-out by drumming on pace with high BPM, bass-heavy dubstep samples.

RED wrapped the set closer to final call than I would have preferred on a Wednesday night, but hearing monster tracks like “Feed the Machine” booming inside the Roxy was a perfect way to end a long, long night.

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