The Black Lips are well known for their raucous live sets, videos, and unfiltered garage rock sound. What many may not know is that they’ve spent the past two years working to be the first band since the Grateful Dead to tour the Middle East. Political turbulence and violence have deterred many artists from booking shows where bombs and mass uprisings threaten basic safety among citizens, let alone American tourists.

Summer of 2012, the band pushed past reservations and concerns and just did it. Bringing live, international music to Middle Eastern fans who embraced the Georgia natives as if they were their own. Kids Like You And Me, a cinematic journey chronicling candid reactions to a new culture as a whole, premiered last week at Sonos Studio.

All photos: Tiger Tiger

In addition to sharing the experience, The Black Lips took the time (on Cole’s birthday, even) to answer questions about their intentions, experiences, and inspirations. To end the insightful night, The Black Lips closed the event out with a DJ set. It was a sobering experience to watch a band whose mission was stripped of any political agenda or motive and fueled wholly by the desire to perform to audiences who have been musically undernourished.





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