Nika Roza Dailova, or Zola Jesus, departs from her trademark operatic gothic sound in her new single “Avalanche (Slow)” off her fourth studio album, Versions, which will drop on August 20th. The song, a deconstructed version of her track “Avalanche” from her splendid 2011 LP, Conatus, focuses on Zola Jesus’ lighter soprano vocals over a beautiful orchestrated melody.

“Avalanche (Slow)” is melancholic yet inspiring. However, it is definitely strays away from her usual style. It is unclear if her entire upcoming album will follow along this path, but it will certainly be an amazing journey.

Zola Jesus Tour Dates:

09/12: Philadelphia, PA – International House
10/25-27: Asheville, NC – Mountain Oasis Electronic Music Summit
10/30-11/03: Reykjavik, Iceland – Iceland Airwaves

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