Let’s admit it. In LA we are kind of obsessed with working out. It’s not our fault. We just like to look good, and there is definitely a reason so many people wear earbuds at the gym — if I have to run while listening to “I Like To Move It” one more time, I’m going to scream. I don’t hate EDM, but listening to the same six house songs on repeat while trying to get my run on drives me insane. Here are a few of the indie tracks that I listen to to break up the monotony of typical workout songs.

Matt & Kim – “Red Paint”

Matt & Kim is not only one of the most entertaining bands to see live, the inherent energy in their music propels me forward. “Red Paint” is one of those songs that has a chorus during which I feel I need to match the tempo and run as hard as I can. That synth line is so heavy and dirty I think it makes me run with a stink face.

Tokyo Police Club – “Tesselate”

From the first note of Tokyo Police Club’s “Tesselate” I find myself uncontrollably sprinting. Though the band’s vocals can definitely be an acquired taste, I have learned to love them. The driving drums and open, bouncy key line give me that extra little bit of energy I need to go the extra mile.

Bloc Party – “Price of Gas”

Though this track might be an obvious choice since it starts off with the sound of people running in unison, the song will definitely get you going. With a chorus chant of “We’re gonna win this,” who could possibly keep still? Bloc Party’s debut album is also a good full album to listen to while running or working out. It is filled with upbeat, driving songs that keep energy high.

Jonsi – “Go Do”

Not everyone will agree with this one, but being kind of a softy, I love a good inspirational track. After taking a break from the critically acclaimed Sigur Ros, Jonsi made an album that was beautiful and inspires me every time I listen to it. The album kicks off with an upbeat, thumping track that will make you need to move. It is a good song to start a running mix with because it will get you moving and put you in a good frame of mind to go for a long time.

Japandroids – “Fire’s Highway”

Japandroids have officially blown up. Their energy is relentless and passionate, and “Fire’s Highway” keeps a pace that will challenge any runner. You will find yourself lost in the rush and steam of the song. This is another album that could be used as a whole running soundtrack. Anthem after anthem and you will be drenched in sweat by the end of the nearly five-minute indie epic.


Outkast – “B.O.B.”

I had to put this on here. It’s not an indie song, but it is the best running song ever in the history of music. Please add your thoughts in the comments below, but if you disagree, you are wrong. This is a five-minute shot of adrenaline. Outkast’s signature wild sound keeps me going on every run. If I find myself starting to waiver, this is the song that never fails.

I hope you like my list. Let me know what songs you listen to when running and working out. I am always looking for new tracks for my morning jaunts!