I love music. (I’m guessing some of you do too!) For those of you who love music, food, AND movies, you’re in luck because this summer holds just the series for you. For the next 14 Saturdays, Eat|See|Hear will be in the neighborhood, and you’re going to want to catch it while you can.

This second annual event series, sponsored by Showtime Networks and Origami Vinyl, brings a summer-long celebration of LA’s best food, movies, and live music to a neighborhood near you.

For the next 13 consecutive Saturdays through September 15th, you’ll have the chance to catch Beach Party, Max and the Moon, Honeypie, VUM, Haunted Summer, LA Font, and many, many more bands thanks to Eat|See|Hear, and the movie lineup is just as stellar with a variety of selections including Donnie Darko, Elf, Big, and Pulp Fiction, just to name a few.

The best part about it is the drive-in movies are shown on the largest pop-up movie screen in the west and feature spectacular views of the city. Plus you’ll defintiely want to check out their exclusive Coolhaus ice cream sammie flavor while you catch the music and a flick.

You can grab your $10-$20 tickets now.

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