In case you haven’t noticed, the latter half of this century’s first decade and now its second have had a musical infatuation with that far away decade known as the 1980s. You know, the ’80s — that mysterious time when many of today’s musicians could barely grasp a bottle on their own, let alone a guitar. Built to Spill’s bassist Brett Nelson is not immune to such an infatuation.

Nelson often wondered what his own band’s music would sound like through the paradigm of ‘80s synth pop. So one day, just goofing around with the help of his bandmate Doug Martsch, he re-imagined their music in what he later dubbed The Electronic Anthology Project. In 2012, Nelson did the same with the music of Dinosaur, Jr, and next month he will release the Electronic Anthology Project of Death Cab for Cutie.


Death Cab For Cutie was responsible for shaping today’s indie genre in its infancy, leaning heavily on their emo sensibilities. Today, that indie scene is skewed toward a reliance on ’80s new wave, but Death Cab has abstained, staying more true to form. However, now with Nelson as its conduit, Death Cab has ventured into the land of lush synths.

Nelson has spent the last year recording five demos of Death Cab songs of which Ben Gibbard reviewed, and the two settled on moving forward with “Soul Meets Body” from Plans and “Champagne from a Paper Cup” from their early work Something About Airplanes.

The Electronic Anthology Project of Death Cab for Cutie will be available on all digital formats and as a limited-edition, colored 7” vinyl on July 2nd. Nelson is already hard at work on a follow-up to the Death Cab series with new artists. Who would you like to see be the next participant in the Electronic Anthology Project?

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