Twitter feed a little blah these days? If you’re looking for more satisfaction from your Tweets, have no fear: plenty of musical figures have Twitter accounts that will entertain you, musically or otherwise.

Check out a few of my favorites:

KURT LODER: @kurt_loder

Kurt Loder may well be the Walter Kronkite of the MTV generation. How many monumental music news stories came to our ears from his lips? How many legendary interviews did he conduct before our thrilled eyes? And did you know that he likes Game of Thrones, too?

Loder’s Twitter is an eclectic mix of dry humor, slightly subversive politics, and Game of Thrones geeking – and surprisingly little music news. Actually, it’s movies that seem to be his primary interest these days:

It’s thought-provoking, acerbically funny, and oddly calming — all traits we’ve appreciated in the man himself for all these years. It’s nice knowing he shares our nerdy obsessions, too.

ROB THOMAS: @ThisIsRobThomas

Matchbox 20 was the ubiquitous soundtrack of the ’90s. They were huge. You’d think lead singer Rob Thomas would be an insufferable prick, right?

Nope. Rob Thomas’s Twitter reflects what a really down-to-earth guy Rob Thomas is. When he’s not updating followers on what his wife, Mari, is cooking for dinner or retweeting fan photos of “found 20s” — pictures of the number 20 fans find in their everyday lives — he’s throwing out “song of the day” Tweets showcasing some rare gem of a song that you thought no one knew but you.

Rob and Matchbox 20 just kicked off their summer tour with the Goo Goo Dolls. Want to see them in LA? They’ll be at the Gibson Amphitheatre at Universal City Walk on July 17 and at Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre in Irvine on July 20. Get your tickets and follow Rob Thomas on Twitter @ThisIsRobThomas.


Maybe it’s my sentimental but substantial fond attachment to Aerosmith that’s to blame for my love for @IamStevenT…or maybe it’s ALL-CAPS-ALL-THE-TIME gems like this one:

Always the promoter, Steven does spend his fair share of time plugging Aerosmith’s seemingly never-ending schedule of appearances and tour dates (seriously, how do these guys do it?), but always in his uniquely charming way. Personally, I like to read his Tweets as though he’s singing them.

Follow Steven on Twitter @IamStevenT, and throw in @JoePerry for good measure.

CHER: @cher

As a follower of @cher, you’re privy to just about everything that goes on in Cher’s life, as she’s quite the prolific Tweeter. If you’re concerned about how much of Cher’s life you’re willing to be privy to, don’t worry — her offbeat (and often self-deprecating) sense of humor lends the air of intimate friendship rather than overshare.

Often, her Tweets are a welcome reminder that enormously wealthy, iconically beautiful superstars deal with the same annoying stuff we do, like shameful Mexican food binges:

Cher’s Twitter is an interesting and endearing look at the life of a woman who’s been outrageously famous for over forty years and still somehow manages to have a sense of humor about herself. Keep in mind that lots of stars go off the deep end in a tenth of that time. Follow Cher on Twitter — where else? — @cher.

No matter what your musical tastes, the landscape of musical personalities on Twitter is a virtual minefield of entertainment. They’re part of what makes Twitter such a wild and wonderful place.

Have a favorite musical Twitter account? Let us know in the comments, and of course, be sure to follow us on Twitter @LAMusicBlog!