On June 4th, Queens of the Stone Age will release …Like Clockwork, their first studio album in six years and the sixth studio album of their career. As a huge fan of each of their releases, these next two weeks need to hurry the f**k up.

Josh Homme and his elite rocker crew — reunited with bassist Nick Oliveri and Songs For The Deaf drummer/Foo Fighter’s own Dave Grohl and joined by collaborators including Trent Reznor and even Elton John — have been teasing us all throughout the month with short snippets of tracks from the new album shared via apocalyptic animated music videos.

You can view each one individually on likeclockwork.tv, but the band has just compiled each video into a single fifteen-minute narrative. The video — animated by Liam Brazier based on new art by Boneface, the artist responsible for the album’s cover art as well — reveals a horrific and compelling story of love and pain that will come full circle, alluding to the album’s title and the dramatic themes that I have a feeling the album will most likely feature, if not downright punctuate. That’s so rock and roll.

Are you ready for …Like Clockwork? Check it out on June 4th, from Matador Records.

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