Since their formation in 2004, Portugal. The Man has built a career off a continuous string of album releases. After putting out their debut in 2006, they released an album every year following until they broke that chain in 2012. The world was about to end according to the Mayan calendar, and I’m sure the Alaskan natives had much more important things to do. They did.

For their latest release, the psych-rock group teamed up with legendary producer Danger Mouse to create what will surely be one of Portugal. The Man’s best works: Evil Friends. The album is said to be heavily influenced by Pink Floyd’s Dark Side Of The Moon, and given the album’s artwork, expect an emphasis on the “dark.”


The first video they released from the record was for a song titled “Purple, Yellow, Red & Blue,” a less-than-subtle hint as to their recreational activities leading up to the album’s release. This week, they followed that up with a new video for the track “Atomic Man.”

The album will be out June 4th and is available for pre-order. This Wednesday, May 29th, at Lab Art Gallery in Los Angeles, Portugal. The Man will also be hosting a listening party featuring artwork from The Fantastic The in collaboration with INSA and photography by Danger Mouse. It will be a great event and an awesome opportunity to hear the album before it comes out.

Evil Friends Tracklist:

01. Plastic Soliders
02. Creep In a T-Shirt
03. Evil Friends
04. Modern Jesus
05. Hip Hop Kids
06. Atomic Man
07. Sea of Air
08. Waves
09. Holy Roller (Hallelujah)
10. Someday Believers
11. Purple Yellow Red and Blue
12. Smile

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