British artist Little Boots’ music is made for the dance floor, and her pulsating and contagious beats are best experienced in a live setting such as the Echoplex where this past Thursday night both she and her fans eagerly kicked off the artist’s US tour in support of her soon-to-be-released sophomore studio album, Nocturnes, out tomorrow, May 7th.

Gliding onto the stage in a flowing coral dress and black robe and backed by a brilliant light show, Little Boots earnestly apologized for going on a bit late due to technical difficulties before kicking off the show in the same fashion as Nocturnes with “Motorway,” the vocals of which delicately flitted from her lips and landed amongst adoring the crowd.

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All photos by: Kim Willming

“I fucking miss you!” she yelled over the song’s bridge, and the feeling was mutual. It’s been nearly four years since Little Boots has put out a full album — long enough, these days, for even adoring fans to forget your name. With Gaga, Robyn, Ellie Goulding (once an opening act for Little Boots), Icona Pop, and a parade of others to contend with, it seems easy for a return to get lost in the shuffle, but if the Echoplex Thursday was any indication, Little Boots has sincerely been missed.

Despite a new album that isn’t even out yet, fans were already singing along to all of Little Boots’ new material. With a 12-song set, including the encore, her new album was fully on display while fan favorites popped up every once in a while. Little Boots manned her mixing equipment and synths every so often, but predominantly took her place center stage within arm’s length of her fans.

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By the third song, she had settled in and the robe came off. The bass reverberated deep within my bones and the screams grew louder as the familiar sounds of “New in Town” drifted over the crowd. Hands were pumping to what Little Boots called “our official anthem,” and the crowd had become a sea of cameras capturing the artist’s every move. “My fucking favorite,” a voice behind me in the crowd confirmed.

As the night progressed and we delved further into the new material, we learned that Nocturnes includes swirling synths and house beats but also generously borrows from disco. A trippy, fractured video of Little Boots’ performance that was displayed as a backdrop also literally and figuratively helped project that ‘70s vibe. After a costume change, Little Boots reappeared for a three-song encore, and her black sequined dress was the needed mirrorball for the last dances before curtain call.

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With fewer tangible poppy hooks in the newer tracks but more subversive beats to get lost in, Little Boots is perhaps more club relevant now than ever before. Despite her recent notable absence from the scene, Little Boots promised fans it will only be a few months this time before she’s back in LA, so if you missed her show this time around, be sure to catch Little Boots when she’s back in September.

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