On May 2nd, Little Boots kicked off her US tour in support of her then-upcoming release, Nocturnes, with a show in LA that I was lucky enough to attend. Released on May 7th through On Repeat Records, this follow-up to her 2009 album, Hands, offers a departure from Little Boots’ straight-ahead pop and is instead infused with more methodical house beats.

The club-ready record features vibrant synths that decorate the reverberating bass with laser-like precision and swirling sensibilities. The artist’s trademark ethereal vocals are still intact and provide the narrative for this dance-floor dreamscape about break-ups, meet-ups, and, well, dancing.


The album opens with “Motorway,” which blooms in an almost flower-like fashion. It is a warm-up for listeners; with a string intro, the track quietly builds to be pulsating yet delicate. From there, the album sheds its shyness, with the track arrangement perhaps reflecting Little Boots’ own reservations after having waited four years between full album releases.

The latest single off the album, “Broken Record,” provides a palpable urgency and has recently been delightfully remixed by Cosmic Kids. At the album’s midway mark, Little Boots introduces us to more markedly disco-influenced tracks with the infectious “Beat Beat” coyly winking at the polyester ‘beep beep’ boogies of Donna Summers’ “Bad Girls.”

True to its name, Nocturnes is an album for which the lights should be turned down low, and ultimately, Little Boots has crafted a masterpiece of kaleidoscopic dance floor synths and disco throwback ripe for club play.

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