From innovative music discovery apps to new streaming services, music and technology have become more and more linked in recent years, so when I was approached to write a series of articles about music for iQ by Intel, an online magazine that narrates the impact of technology on human lives, it seemed to be the perfect assignment.

The first LA Music Blog article for the series, “Twitter’s Music App is Here: What Can You Expect?,” is now online, so check out a snippet from the piece below and be sure to head over to the iQ by Intel site for the full article!

Twitter Music

Coachella wasn’t the only major music event to take place this month. The day before the annual fest kicked off in Indio, Twitter’s new music app for iOS devices went live for a handful of celebrity influencers. Seven agonizing days later, the rest of the smartphone-wielding world was able to get their hands on the social networking juggernaut’s new standalone music app.

Developed following Twitter’s 2012 acquisition of We Are Hunted, a San Francisco-based software company that tracks the most popular songs across the Internet and social media, Twitter #Music suggests new music to users. These are based on a number of factors, including the artists they are currently listening to and the musicians they already follow on Twitter. Based on these suggestions, Twitter #Music users are able to stream samples of music through such services as iTunes, Spotify, and Rdio.

As someone whose inbox is filled daily with press releases from publicists and labels all touting their artists’ superiority in the overcrowded music sphere (#MusicBloggerProblems), I’ve found Twitter #Music to be a refreshing and intuitive way to present listeners with new music.

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