Experimental hip-hop has been around for quite some time. Just ask LA producer Tom Wilson, who’s been tinkering with sounds from all over the musical spectrum since he grew up with the wave of fresh and aspiring hip-hop artists that dominated the early 1990s. But while these figures were influential to Wilson back then, he’s been working his way up the ranks over the last decade to become as equally influential to today’s young artists in the genre. His biography puts it perfectly: Wilson is “a pioneer in a faction of progressive producers pushing the envelope of modern music technology and sonic artistry.”


We can thank Tom Wilson for about a decade’s worth of pretty fantastic underground sounds. The artist — who went under the alias TAKE before becoming Sweatson Klank — has worked with some of today’s most ambitious labels, including Warp, Brainfeeder, and Ghostly, and with some of the top dogs under the electronic/experimental umbrella, such as Flying Lotus, Araabmuzik, and Hudson Mohawke. He’s released a number of full-length LPs, EPs, and remixes under various labels, and he released You, Me, Temporary on Project Mooncircle back in April.

You, Me, Temporary is one of Wilson’s strongest efforts yet, fusing a number of soulful instrumentals and delicately sharp beats that simply magnetize. His presence is much more forceful and impacting since the genre has seen a major and much-deserved resurgence over the last few years, perhaps even garnering a greater reverence now than when it was originally introduced to the public consciousness. I can’t even imagine where music would be now if it weren’t for artists like Wilson, who has treated music fans to some of the most unique sounds from the underground.

There’s simply no better time for any music lover to discover Sweatson Klank than now, and I encourage you to check out You, Me, Temporary as well as the plethora of releases in his discography on Spotify or Soundcloud. Also check out the releases under his tenure as TAKE. You can listen to Earthtones and Concrete from Inner Current Recordings in its entirety down below, and you can also find his releases on iTunes.

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