Post-punk revivalists The So So Glos embody the core of the Brooklyn DIY scene. The group of NYC locals are best known for their tight connection to new wave powerhouse Titus Andronicus along with contributing to the growth of the scene by helping to form famed venues like the Market Hotel and Shea Stadium. The energetic band combines punk ethics with a definitive pop twist, creating a distinctly raw and in-your-face sound that defines the DIY aesthetic.

Blowout, the band’s third full-length album, highlights their rough but high-octane style. They are in-out-done. Zero to sixty. We are not talking about some polished studio album, but instead a record that breathes life with all its imperfect glory.

the so so glos blowout

We know from the start that the album is going to have a youthful spirit. Although morbid, it begins with the band’s voices far back from the mic casually discussing Kurt Cobain’s death. We are then launched straight into The So So Glos’ first angst-ridden power jam, “Son of an American.”

As with so many punk bands before them, The So So Glos are politically charged, but at the same time, stubbornly defiant. At the peak of “Son of an American,” vocalist Alex Levine spits out, “I tried and tried / but I cannot hide / What I am is an American / all the kids, overseas / can’t ever know freedom like me.”

The album is saturated with a very “fuck you” attitude. Set to their unrelentingly energetic music style, the lyrics embody this rebellious feeling. In “Wrecking Ball,” the band states that they’ve “been known to make the whole city run” in between intermittent screams of “I am a wrecking ball.” In one of the (slightly) calmer song, “All of the Time,” we hear “Well, fuck your good vibe / and your new friends / and their new clothes / fuck the design.” No pretense there.

Blowout is one of those albums that brings you back to the good ol’ days of teen angst. While listening, I felt like I was back in my adolescence, lying on the floor of my childhood room, rocking out to music that “totally got how I felt, man” — albeit this anthem of rebellion would mainly correlate to cutting the occasional class and complaining about “The Man” while living in suburban LA. I wasn’t exactly wreaking havoc on New York City, but I still relate.

However, there is a little rebel in all of us that comes out to play, reveling in the music that is just as fast-paced and unpolished as we are at our core.

So So Glos 2

The So So Glos Tour Dates:

04/28 – Hamden, CT – The Space *
04/29 – Cambridge, MA – Middle East Downstairs *
04/30 – Montreal, Quebec – Lambi *
05/01 – Ottawa, Ontario – Mavericks *
05/02 – Toronto, Ontario – Lee’s Palace *
05/03 – Detroit, MI – Magic Stick *
05/04 – Chicago, IL – Metro *
05/05 – St. Louis, MO – Off Broadway *
05/08 – Dallas, TX – Three Links *
05/09 – Austin, TX – Mohawk *
05/10 – Houston, TX – Walter’s *
05/11 – New Orleans, LA – Siberia *
05/12 – Oxford, MS – TBA *
05/13 – Nashville, TN – Stone Fox *
05/14 – Atlanta, GA – The Earl *
05/15 – Athens, GA – Georgia Theater Rooftop *
05/16 – Charlotte, NC – Milestone *
05/17 – Carrboro, NC – Motorco *
05/18 – Richmond, VA – Strange Matter *
05/19 – Washington, DC – Black Cat *

* with Titus Andronicus

For more information:

The So So Glos’ official website