Record Store Day is nearly upon us, and the day’s ambassador, Jack White, has unveiled his own surprise for the April 20th festivities. The White Stripe, Raconteur, and all around Jack of all trades (I swear, no pun intended) founded Third Man Records in 2001 and gave it a permanent home in Nashville, Tennessee in 2009. This Saturday, while local record stores around the country are using the occasion to boost sales and host impromptu concerts, White has upped the ante by letting visitors to his Third Man Records record their very own vinyl.

Whether musically inclined or completely tone deaf, White is encouraging all who venture in to give it a try. Nashville or “Music City” is, after all, home to so much rich music history. From rockabilly to the Ryman, the city is steeped in great music traditions. It is also home to United Record Pressing, the largest producer of vinyl records in North America. Nashville — and by extension Third Man — is the perfect site to unveil this classic piece of phonographic history.

Third Man Records Vinyl

Stick a token in this 1947 Voice-o-Graph original, and you’ll have 111 seconds to record your own 45. It’s the only machine of its kind that is operational and open for public use. White explains via his website that a record store visit and the recording process are both tingle-inducing ventures that each and every person should get the joy of experiencing. Those cracks, skips, and other imperfections of the vinyl medium are the very same qualities that make a record perfect in the eyes of White. Carry your 6” record home yourself or send it across the country to your unrequited love as White’s exhibit allows you to send your record to anyone, anywhere, with your own personal message should you choose.

Check out the White-directed video that gives you a little taste of the recording process and also features fellow Raconteur Brendan Benson.

Fret not, Angelinos. You can get in on the action as well without making your way across the country. White will be hosting a pop up shop and live performances at Palm Spring’s Ace Hotel as part of the Desert Gold event.

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