Storm Thorgerson, perhaps best known as the artist and graphic designer behind Pink Floyd’s iconic album cover for Dark Side Of the Moon, sadly passed away today at the age of 69 after battling cancer. Needless to say, he was one of the most influential artists and graphic designers in music history.

Thorgerson’s compositions study the nature of dissonances and counter-balances in our world and his iconic imagery leaves viewers with a sense of realism that is so incredibly false. While many musicians throughout the years have spoke volumes with their music, they would leave it up to Thorgerson’s photography and manipulation to visually represent their albums. The oftentimes weighty or hypersensory explorations found in the music of the artists whose album covers Thorgerson worked on gave him a starting point from which to discover something new, and each cover’s mode of grandeur or simplicity acts almost as a cover-up for what the music inside really entails.

Storm - DSOTM Artwork

The album artwork Thorgerson created is unique in its own right, but the fact that the majority of it was physically created and then photographed is a feat in and of itself. Rarely does an artist have the vision and the know-how to manipulate the eyes through physical means, and it just makes you appreciate the effort even more that he did so without the use of computer-enhancement. Storm Thorgerson made the unusual and the unnatural become believable and, in turn, unbelievable.

Thorgerson is the reason I buy vinyl in the first place. There’s something to be said about physically holding music in your hands, and Storm’s large artwork, which pushed dimensions and tested the mind, made discovering music and opening an album all the more powerful. There was nobody else like him, and he will be missed.

Take a look at some of Thorgerson most famous album covers below, view the trailer to the documentary Taken by Storm, and visit his website to view and purchase some of his other artwork and books.

Pink Floyd – Wish You Were Here

Storm - WYWH Artwork

Pink Floyd – Animals

Storm - Animals Artwork

Led Zeppelin – In Through The Out Door

Storm - ITTOD Artwork

Peter Gabriel – Peter Gabriel

Storm - Peter Gabriel

Pink Floyd – A Momentary Lapse Of Reason

Storm - AMLOR Artwork

Pink Floyd – The Division Bell

Storm - Division Bell Artwork

The Cranberries – Bury The Hatchet

Storm - Bury The Hatchet Artwork

Audioslave – Audioslave

Storm - Audioslave

Muse – Absolution

Storm - Absolution Artwork

The Mars Volta – Frances The Mute

Storm - Frances The Mute Artwork

Muse – Blackholes and Revelations

Storm - Black Holes And Revelations Artwork

For more info:

Storm Thorgerson’s Official Website