I’ve expressed my delight before that, thanks to modern technology, homebodies like me don’t have to leave the comforts of their abodes in order to enjoy the hottest festivals in the world — I can just keep an eye on the ol’ Youtubes and wait for my favorite performers to come to me! This philosophy works great for fests that put a priority on livestreaming and video recording, but for SXSW? Apparently not so much.

When I saw this morning that a video of Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ entire SXSW performance at Stubb’s last night had been released, I was ready for a little of that Texas fest to enter my living room, but what I got instead was a major disappointment. The recording is not exactly stellar, Karen O’s vocals sound less-than-great, and the mix is a bit of a mess in general. However, the band does include four new tracks from their upcoming album, Mosquito, in the set, so you might want to suffer through the poor audio quality just to (kinda) hear those songs.

I’m still hopeful that a better recording will be released, in which case I will share it with you right here, but if you were actually at the show last night, definitely let me know in the comments how the performance sounded in person. Maybe the audio quality isn’t entirely to blame…?

Yeah Yeah Yeahs Setlist (courtesy of Paste):

Cold Light
Under the Earth
Art Star
Gold Lion
Cheated Hearts
Miles Away
Heads Will Roll

For more info:

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