After watching Mumford & Sons’ recently released music video for “Whispers In The Dark” off their GRAMMY-winning album, Babel, I felt like I should watch it again. And again. And again. Yes, the video was great, but this desire for repeat viewings was mainly because the whole thing is broken into four mini-screens (think Mario Kart on 4-player mode), and it was hard to take in everything that was happening in one shot.

Each narrative follows the journey of a single band member to a gig, and on the first go-around, I found myself fixated on the Player 3 section (the lower-left corner for all you non-video gamers out there), which features an initially buttoned-up Ted Dwane achieving his disheveled Mumford look with the help of a team of stylists and hairdressers. The other screens capture the journeys of Marcus Mumford, Winston Marshall, and Ben Lovett to the venue by motorcycle, boat, and car respectively before the group convenes backstage prior to their performance.

Check out the video for yourself below, and let me know in the comments which member’s story initially caught your eye.

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