I’ll admit I haven’t exactly been following the saga that is Justin Bieber’s life all too closely, generally only paying attention when his Twitter account intersects with those of those rich and famous people I do have a half-hearted interest in (e.g., Patrick Carney, Olivia Wilde, etc.). However, one person whose career I do follow closely and whom I do have an enormous amount of respect for is John Darnielle, and rather than lash out at the diminutive pop star, The Mountain Goats frontman has recently spoke up in Bieber’s defense. Or, more accurately, he’s sang up (?).

Darnielle uploaded to his Vimeo account an obviously homemade video of himself singing a song to the paparazzi who have been hounding the Biebster lately. Check it out below and let me know what you think in the comments. Should the paparazzi back off? Or should Bieber simply suck it up?

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