I’ve joked before about how, after ten years of frequent unfounded speculation, the music world has been bombarded by legitimate news from The Postal Service camp these past couple of months thanks to the upcoming reissue of the band’s one and only album, Give Up. Today, Funny or Die added to The Postal Service frenzy with the release of a never-before-seen video of auditions held at Sub Pop Records in 2002 to find additional members for the band, then consisting of only Jimmy Tamborello.

Besides making me laugh, the cameo-laden video got me thinking about what might have been if Jimmy Tamborello hadn’t paired up with Ben Gibbard. Without the singer’s commitments to Death Cab for Cutie, would The Postal Service have released more albums since 2002? Might we have been blessed with a half-dozen efforts featuring Tamborello’s production under the dulcet strains of Weird Al’s voice or maybe paired with death metal vocals courtesy of Moby? We’ll never know for sure, but if The Postal Service has taught us anything, it’s that speculation is imposible to resist.

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