I get it, it’s 9AM and you’ve got places to go, people to see, traffic to sit in, and a desk to sit at. But possibly more tempting than staring at the out-of-state license plate in front of you for the next 20, 30, perhaps even 40 minutes of Los Angeles traffic, is your bed. Your pillows are warmly nestling your head and your blankets are hugging you in womb-like comfort when all of a sudden, your phone is going off in the worst way. Alarm clock blaring, eyelids heavy, and with Megan Fox or Ryan Gosling beckoning you to come back to enjoy your respective dream dates, sometimes there’s just no enjoyable way to roll, slide, or fall out of bed.

Having worked at a popular coffee chain throughout college, my 9AM was sometimes 3AM. That being said, I found it crucial to my employment and my sanity to find music that would get me going out from under the blankets and into my car before drinking copious amounts of coffee. So without further ado, here are some tracks that were able to transform my toothbrush from a bitter symbol of consciousness into to a breakout microphone.


The Flaming Lips: “Do You Realize?”
A cult classic. Before Wayne Coyne was eating chocolate hearts, he was creating some of this generation’s greatest love songs. Nothing puts someone in a better morning mood than hearing that they look good. I mean, really good.

The Arcade Fire: “Wake Up”
I mean, come on, I had to. Combine my love for the band with the perfectly named song, and it’s a must-have on this playlist. There are harps. Harps. If that doesn’t signify that today’s going to be a good day, then I don’t know what does.

FIDLAR: “Wake Bake Skate”
Before you start thinking, “You just pulled songs with ‘wake’ in them,” let me just tell you, that is exactly how I started. Some people prefer to be eased into awareness, but for those who need a stronger call to cognition, this upbeat track is short, sweet, and gets the job done.

White Rabbits: “Percussion Gun”
Persistent percussion is the great motivator in this song. And White Rabbits get it; waking up sucks: “You’re tired, my love I feel the same, the Lebanon won’t speak my name. Well, everyone’s saying rise and shine, it might not be true and that’s just fine.”

The West: “A Perfect Day in 3 Acts”
I’m quite disappointed that The West never got the recognition I thought they deserved, but in the least, their music remains. This track in particular just sounds so damn happy. Granted, take a closer listen and the subject matter isn’t sunshine and rainbows, but kudos to them for making dark topics danceable.