On Les Sins’ new single “Grind” / “Prelims,” musician Chaz Bundick steps away from the trademark retro, chillwave sound that has come to define his work as Toro y Moi. Instead, Les Sins’ new single is purely beat-driven, and it does include samples, the vocals definitely take a backseat to the beats.


“Grind” is pure house music. Sexy house music, at that. This is more along the lines of the stuff you’d except to hear at DEEP at the King King, or the music you’d hear from Oliver $ or Moodyman…I guess you can swap genres, but you can’t lose the funk.

“Prelims” is different. This is a beat track, but with some funk elements mixed in for good measure. Les Sins gets a little bit experimental here, but it’s not an unwelcome change. Can you dance to this?  No, but I don’t imagine that was the intent. It is a head bobber, though, and worth checking out if you’re into some minimalist beats.

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