The highlight of Thursday night’s episode of the LA Music Blogcast on TradioV for me was definitely the amazing performance by our guests, El Sportivo & The Blooz. The New York/LA hybrid band treated LA Music Blogcast viewers to a three-song set of lush harmonies and wistful-sounding steel pedal guitar before heading over to El Cid to play a show celebrating tomorrow’s release of their debut LP, Nights and Weekends, on White Iris Records.

El Sportivo & The Blooz were also very good sports about being the guinea pigs for Ben and David’s new-rapid fire interview segment, which has led to our first viewer poll question: cake or pie? Vote below, and be sure to watch last week’s episode of the LA Music Blogcast to satisfy all your music cravings, but maybe grab a slice of your favorite dessert while you watch to satisfy that sweet tooth (I’m gonna go with “pie,” and if I’m being picky, pecan or coconut creme).

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