Last night’s episode of the LA Music Blogcast was a “hairy” affair. (OK, there. That’s my one and only pun for this recap of the pun-filled episode. Are you happy? Sheesh.) Hosts Ben Gill and David Fisch were joined by a talented pair of guests and the usual shmorgishborg of music news, reviews, and general education.

The first guests, Conquistador’s Alexander Antebi and Carlos Chairez, brought the aforementioned hair, as well as an amazing spoken-word performance from Alex. They also chatted with the guys about the VMA red carpet, Nick Cave, and what fans can expect from Conquistador in 2013.

The second guest, Glass Theory (aka Jack Duff), talked musical influences (Blur, Depeche Mode, etc.), his new EP, and general bullshit, which fans of the LA Music Blogcast know always abounds. Jack also provided the site with an exclusive mix, which you can check out below, but not before you watch this new episode of the LA Music Blogcast on TradioV.

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